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Area Reference No. Tender Title Sale Open Sale Close Tender Opening Uploaded On
DHORI GM(D)/SO(E&M)/NIQ/18-19/42 Fresh electrical wiring of Qtr of Dr. Deepak kr. Mahto, CMO, Qtr No- C41 and TH/06 Qtr of Smt. N S H 14- 09-2018 20- 09-2018
17: 00   
21- 09-2018
16: 30   
CORPORATE CCL/GM(CMC)/DRD-MDO/RFQ/2014/105 Development and Operation of DRD OC Mine 27- 01-2014 13- 03-2014
5: 00  PM 
14- 03-2014
11: 30  AM 

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