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Mega Projects  

The main strength of CCL, so far as coal production is concerned, is its large opencast mines with mechanised coal production, mostly through shovel-dumper combination and surface Miner. Some of the large opencast mines (producing more than 2 MTY) are,

Piparwar OCP Ashok OCP KDH OCP Amlo OCP
Kalyani OCP Amrapali OCP Magadh OCP Purnadih OCP
Karo OCP Konar OCP North Urimari OCP  

Piparwar OCP was commissioned with Australian collaboration in early 90s and is equipped with a unique "in-pit coal crushing and conveying system" the only unit of its kind engaged in the coal production in India. Ashok OCP produces coal by adopting "Surface Miner" technology. The technological growth has been phenomenal considering the fact that a number of OC mines used to be worked with manual labour in the past.

Future Projects  

CCL has a definite plan of growth. It has envisaged commissioning of a number of green field and expansion projects, both opencast and underground, during XI Plan with state-of-the-art technologies. The process of land acquisition and obtaining various approvals/clearances has started in mines, e.g.:

Sl. No. Name of Project Nominal Capacity (MTY) Peak Capacity (MTY)


Magadh OCP Expn 51 70


Amrapali OCP Expn 25 35
3. Karo OCP Expn 11 15
4. Sangh Mitra OCP 20 27
5. Chandragupta OCP 15 20
6. Konar OCP Expn 8 11
7. North Urimari Expansion 7.5 10
8. Govindpur Ph II OC Expansion 03 04
9. Kalyani OC 2.0 2.7
10. Pichri OC 1.2 1.5
11. Piparwar  UG (Phase I) 0.87 1.0


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