Common irregularities found in Tendering / Procurement process

CCL organized a one day seminar on the above topic on 10.05.2010, wherein the dignitaries on the dais were the CMD, DT(O), CVO, CCL and the chief guest Sri B. Pradhan ,CVO,NCL.

A four page hand out relating to the above topic and a check list prepared by CVO, NCL was distributed among all participating executives of CCL.

Delivering the keynote address, the CVO, NCL Sri B. Pradhan, IOFS, emphasized that tendering is a vital function of all COAL companies for transportation of coal, civil work, procurement of materials etc.

In order to speed up finalization of tenders, it is essential that NIT is prepared with due diligence and care, respecting all the relevant rules / manuals, internal & CVC circulars and with highest value of ethics/morals, giving no scope of complaint of partiality / favoritisms / nepotisms etc.

Emphasizing the important role of complete and accurate information, he highlighted the lackadaisical attitude on the part of executives, preparing estimates, floating tenders, deciding pre‐qualification, evaluating the bids, approving tenders, executing the contracts etc. He further stressed to make available full information beforehand to all tenderer to avoid confusion or inconvenience at the time of bidding. He insisted that the rules of the game should be equal to all the players with total transparency.

It was underscored by him, that every decision of the authorities is subject to judicial scrutiny and may attract investigation by internal or external agencies. Hence knowledge and respect of extant rules is a must. Money spent by any public authority has public accountability too.

There was a healthy interactive session, wherein lot many officials dealing with tenders, had raised their doubts which were cleared by both the CVOs of NCL & CCL.

At the end of interactive session, Mr. B. Paul, GM (Vig.) gave the vote of thanks.


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