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SoaringCoal Stock at Power Plants Hits CCL’s Production

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 22-03-2020

Coal stock at the power plants, has increased to a record level,in last two quarters of 2019-20. It has increased to 35-40 Days fuel stock at power plant end, probably, the highest ever. At present, almost all power plants linked to CCL are directly or indirectly refusing to accept more coal supply. The hurdles faced by the company havereached to an unprecedented level, so much so that the power consumers have stopped making payments to CCL. However, even then CCL is pushingthe coal supply to the consumer’s end so as to meet its annual commitment of dispatch, production and profit.
Most of the power consumers have started regulating coal supplies by filing lesser rail movement programs or by not filing rail movement programs altogether. The coal stock at CCL, which came down to lowest level of 3.1 million tones in Oct’ 19 has again risen to more than 10 million tones as on date. In order to ease the stock at its end, CCL is making all out effort to maximize the dispatch, No. of railway rakes dispatched by CCL on day to day basis are one of the highest in the history.
CCL has been making all-out effort to liquidatethecoal stock, in-order to increase its coal production.All arrears/allotments to the Non-Regulated Sector Consumers/Non power consumers, who consume about 20% of company’s dispatch, till Jan’20 have been liquidated. To tide over the present situation of poor demand, CCL went for series of auctions during recent months but the response from the consumers was very tepidbecause of saturation in the market.
These testing circumstances cited above are adversely affecting both production &off-take/dispatch from CCL resulting in a state where the company is finding it difficult to reach even the annual commitment of dispatch and in turn coal production.

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