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Webinar organized in CCL on the occasion of Hindi Divas

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 14-09-2020

Under the guidance of CMD, CCL Shri P.M. Prasad “Hindi Divas” is being observed at CCL headquarters, Darbhanga House, Ranchi and across the different areas of the company. On the occasion of “Hindi Diwas” a Webinar was organized in which large number of employees and stakeholders were connected through the technologies. The topic of the webinar was “Hindi ka Bhavishya and Bhavishyakihindi”. The webinar was broadcasted live in the various areas of the company.  The employees watched it in the V.C rooms of the respective areas and also via personal computer and mobiles.
The speakers on the occasion were the retired HoD of Hindi department, Ranchi University Dr. Jang Bahadur Pandey and HoD of Hindi department, St. Xavier's college, Ranchi Dr Kamal Kumar Bose.
" Rajbhasha Sandesh,” the message of CMD, CCL Sri P M Prasad on the occasion of Hindi divas was also aired on the eve of this webinar.   Sri Vinay Ranjan, Director(Pers), CCL also wished Rajbhasha Department for successfully organizing the webinar.
 Dr Jang Bahadur Pandey expressed his acknowledgment to CCL Management for organizing the webinar on the occasion of Hindi Divas. Speaking on the occasion he said that the future of Hindi is certainly bright. He stated that language is the identity of any nation, society, or economy. He said that without Hindi development of the county is not possible. Illustrating the examples of the other nations he explained that in England there is no celebration of English day, similarly in Germany and China also no German day or Chinese day are observed. These countrieswork in their languages 365 days but in India it is different. He stated that Hindi as a language is constantly growing and the number of students studying Hindi or the people using it is steadily increasing. He expressed confidence that soon Hindi would become the seventh official language of the United nations. He motivated everybody and asked everybody to take a pledge on the occasion that they would wholeheartedly embrace Hindi.
Dr. Kamal Kumar Bose in his address stated that Hindi is the language which connects the entire nation across its length and breath. He said that the greater Hindi language is strengthened, the more prosperous our culture would become. On the topic of webinar, he said that the future rests  on the present and the present usage of Hindi guarantees that the future of this language is bright.  He reiterated that Hindi is an enduring and dynamic language which can change with the time. He added that Hindi could grow if more and more people use it. Some individuals without knowing about the strength of Hindi spread disinformation about it. He gave many examples to emphasize that Hindi is an easy and a simple language to use. He further explained that there is no prejudice in Hindi and expressed delight that the usage of Hindi is growing in the non-Hindi-speaking belt as well.
The program was organized successfully with the cooperation of General Manager Rajbhasha Shri Vijay Kumar and his team.
On the occasion of Rajbhasha Month an online quiz competition will be organized on 18th and 19th September. Information regarding the same is available on the company's website

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