CCL doctors examined 121 patients during free ENT Camp

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 27-03-2017

An ENT Camp held at Gandhinagar Hospital, CCL Ranchi on 27.03.2017 from 9 am to 2 pm under CSR . The camp was inaugurated by Director (Personnel)  CCL, Sri R. S. Mahapatra. The theme of the camp was early detection of deafness/ preventive measures to be taken and make doctors & public aware about Cochlear Implant surgery for deaf mute patients.  Oral cancer, thyroid was also examined and patients were made aware of tobacco misuse.

About 121 patients were examined by Dr.(Prof) Mohan Jagade (J J Group of Hospital, Mumbai), Dr. R.K.Jha and Dr. S.P. Ranjan (Gandhinagar Hospital, CCL) and out of them 80 patients were suffering from deafness of moderate to severe degree of hearing loss,  17 patients needed surgery for Nose & Ear including 2 patients for cochlear implant surgery and about 40 patients needed hearing aids and rest of the patients were medically treated and medicine were given free of cost to all the patients who attended CSR Camp.

Out of 4 ENT camp held under CSR at different Central hospitals of CCL in year 2016-17, more than 100 patients were needed Hearing aids, about 70 patients needed different surgeries of Ear, Nose, Thyroid and Tonsils including 5 patients who needed Cochlear implant surgery. Altogether more than 600 persons were benefitted from these free four camps.

CMS CCL Dr.P.K. Gupta, CMS in-charge Gandhinagar hospital Dr. R.R. Sinha, S.N. Mahto, Sister Sarojini, Brother Albin, Jagannath Mishra, Navin Kumar, Ramendra Singh helped for the successful completion of the camp.

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