Safety Measures / Initiatives Undertaken in CCl

Apart from complying the statutory provisions as laid down in the Mines Act, 1952 and the regulations, rule and byelaws framed there under, CCL has been taken several measures to improve standard of safety in its mines.

Given below are a snapshot / overview of CIL efforts in this regard

► CCL has established a structured multi-disciplinary Internal Safety Organization (ISO) to assist the line management at various levels in matters
    related to Safety.

►Risk Assessment & Safety Management Plan : Risk Assessment has been completed in 60 mines and potential dangers associated in mining activities due to existing geo-mining conditions of the mine, method of mining being adopted for extraction of coal and from machineries being engaged for operations have been identified. Time-bound action programmes to eliminate or to or to avoid the identified risks for each mine has been chalked out along with review mechanism. It is an on-going cyclical process.

► Safety Audit of the mines are being conducted in more meaningful way in two phases

          ►1st Phase : Deficiencies (i.e. unsafe conditions and unsafe acts) are being identified and remedial measures suggested or recommended

          ►2nd Phase : Review the status of implementation of the recommendations / suggestions of 1st phase are being done in 2nd phase and thereafter
             and final report is submitted

Steps for Disaster Prevention

Inundation : Thrust on Safety Audit, Check Survey, Trials of Geo-physical Methods for detection of water bodies / proving parting etc.

Fire in mines : Panel system working (so that in case of fire that can be isolated immediately), strengthening of isolation stoppings and use of fire retardant sealant etc.

Explosion : Early Gas detection through various modern gadgets (both sensors & catalytic base), Continuous type computer based on-line Gas monitoring for highly gassy and fiery mines and erection of explosion proof stoppings.

Emergency Action plan has been prepared and mock rehearsals are being carried out regularly.

Special five days course are exercised as per schedule in each u/g mines with mock-drill .

For reduction of Roof/Side falls accident : Roof / Side fall accident is one of the major causes of fatal accident in underground mines. CIL has given priority for ensuring roof support management through.

Stress on face mechanization to reduce exposure of workmen in active working zone.

Support Plan based on Rock-mass-rating (RMR) of over-lying roof strata.

Greater use of Roof Bolting/ Stitching methods of roof support
Introduction of mechanized drilling by advanced roof bolting machines.

Introduction mechanized.

Emphasis on development of indicators for detecting impending load on roof through R&D.

For reduction of accident at Opencast as well as on Surface of Mines : The following measures are being taken for reduction of fatalities in Opencast Mines & on Surface

Mine-specific Traffic Rule.

► Code of Practices for HEMM operators, Maintenance staffs & others.

► Standard of Procedure related to safe operation of various mining operation.
► Risk Assessment & Management

Training of Contractor Workers involved in transporting

► Stress on providing more numbers of Mechanized Roof drilling machines

► Stress on providing Man Riding System in UG mines with arduous traveling road.

► GPS based Truck Dispatch System

► Computerized Tele-monitoring of Mine Environment & Float Alarm for surface Water Danger

► Digitization of Mine Plans
► Development of testing facilities of international standards.

► On-line roof-behavior monitoring systems
► Incorporation of Safety into the integrated network Application & LAN with Internet/Intranet facilities.

► UG Communication & Tracking system.

► Simulation Training