Functions of Internal Safety Organization (ISO)

The head of the internal safety organization (ISO) of the subsidiary companies will report to CMD or one of the Technical Directors. ISO will function in two-tiers viz. Company and Area levels.

The Internal Safety Organization at Subsidiary company level will be multi-disciplinary in nature.

The ISO will be responsible for scrutinizing plans and schemes of every mine at least once a year with due emphasis to identify potentially dangerous situations which may lead to dangerous occurrences like inundation, fires etc.

Remedial action as suggested by the ISO will be implemented by the field executives according to their charge expeditiously and diligently. The ISO will maintain the necessary records.

Each mine shall be subjected to at least one inspection every three months independently by an officer of ISO and the Workman Inspector shall accompany him during such inspections. Such mine inspections shall cover each working district/ district under preparation/ reopening and selected old workings as well as likely sources of danger from surface; inundation, subsidence, fires etc. During such inspections if immediate danger is apprehended, the officer of ISO shall forthwith bring such situation to the notice of Project Officer and the concerned General Manager for deciding the remedial action to be taken.
In case the officer of ISO finds the action taken by the Colliery Management in advance or assesses the situation to be grave he must report to the Area General Manager and General Manager (Safety) for taking necessary steps. Area General Manager and executives working under him will arrange for the removal of the dangerous condition and report the same to the Director (Tech) failing which the latter may stop the district.

Safety performance consisting of fatal and serious accidents shall be included as an Item in the confidential report for performance appraisal. The mine conditions, circumstances and cause of accidents shall be given due consideration while making the appraisal.

The ISO at the company and area levels shall be provided separate vehicles for performing their duty efficiently.

The ISO at the subsidiary company level and area levels shall maintain a list of mining districts or parts of mine together with the concerned details, which are prone to major accidents or disasters to ensure adequate coverage and follow up/monitoring of the implementation of the counter measures.

The CMD of the subsidiary company will review the performance of the ISO once every quarter.

The Director (Tech) should hold at least one meeting a month with the ISO and the GM of areas to assess the Safety Performance.

The Area Safety Officer will hold meeting with the Managers of the collieries at least once a month reviewing the safety performance of individual collieries.

All applications for permission for opening/reopening of a district should be independently checked by the ISO.

The functions of the ISO shall be both audit and advisory. For this, the ISO will have to be provided with adequate staff and infra-structural facility with a view to fulfil its role and functions. The ISO at the Area level should actively associate with formulation of Annual Action Plan with a view to ensure adequate provision of materials having bearing on the safety aspects of the operations.