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Tender Details
Tender ID 31626
Unit Urimari OC
Indenting Department Excavation
Procuring Department/
Executing Department
Tender Ref. No. PE(x)/URI/TENDER NOTICE/R&M/19-20/158    Dated: 21/Jan/2020
Tender Type Open (Manual)
Type of Bidding Two Bid
Publication Date    
Bid Submission Start Date 21  Jan  2020  Up To   0 : 0   Hrs.
Bid Submission Close Date 26  Jan  2020  Up To   16 : 00   Hrs.
Bid Opening Date 27  Jan  2020  Up To   16 : 00   Hrs.
Item 1
Title epairing of interior damaged cabin of 562 shovel
Work Location BARKA SAYAL
Product Category HEMM
Sub Category SHOVEL
Tender Value Currency           INR
Value                42043
EMD                 0
Document Cost  0
Work Description repairing of interior damaged cabin of 562 shovel by ceiling with new plywood, sun mica after finishing work of welding

Pre-Qualification nil
Pre Bid Meet 0000-00-00  
Tender Document Sale closed on 2020-01-26 16:00Hrs.
BOQ/Indent Document (Whichever is applicable) Document not available
For further information, contact:
Name T. Mishra
Address GM Office Barka sayal area
City Ramgarh
State Jharkhand
Email soxbsa2015@gmail.com
Phone 8987785248

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