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Tender Description Area Unit Uploaded on
Proof load test of hooks in following Cranes – a) Overhead cranes = 04 Nos. b) Mobile cranes RAJRAPPA GM Unit 27-05-2017
Supply & fitment of safety glasses in operator cabin of L&T CK300 ShovelSL. No.(Exc-2862 &Exc- ..... RAJRAPPA GM Unit 27-05-2017
Erection/Extension of 3.3KV H.T Overhead Line in Quarry No.-3 Mine ‘A’ Of Bhurkunda Project. BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 27-05-2017
Erection of 3.3KV Overhead Line at Balkudra OCP of Bhurkunda Project for installation of 2000GPM ... BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 27-05-2017
Cold vulcanizing joints of different conveyors belts and rubber lagging of head drum of 949 and .... KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 27-05-2017
Rubber lagging of head drums of different belt conveyors of raw Coal Section at Kathara Washery. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 27-05-2017
Electrical repairing/rewiring and changing of electrical items switch boards, switches, ceiling .... KATHARA GM Unit 27-05-2017
Procurement of Furniture items for Group Vocational Training Centre (GVTC) of Magadh – Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 27-05-2017
Procurement of Furniture items for Group Vocational Training Centre (GVTC) of Magadh – Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 27-05-2017
Construction of Six Rooms (first floor) for DAV School, Ara of Kuju Area KUJU GM Unit 27-05-2017
Repair/Replacement of both track bar & 36 Nos track roller of S9 Shovel of Ashok Project PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 27-05-2017
Repairing and overhauling of GS-50 gear box belt conveyor in RCB section at KTW. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 27-05-2017
Denting Painting of Operator Cabin ,dump body ,hood deck, safety walk, hand rail along with taping. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 27-05-2017
Repairing /fabrication of damaged chassis pad generator engine at KTW. KATHARA 27-05-2017
Repairing of CAT D9R Dozer Sl. no. D11 and D155 Dozer Sl. no. D12 of Ashok Project of Piparwar Area. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 27-05-2017
Installation of 10 nos. hand pump in 10 different panchyats under CCL, Dhori Area under CSR scheme o DHORI Dhori OC 27-05-2017
Computerized Writing of Number ,Model & Weekly maintenance day in P&H 1900 AL CK300 of Piparwar. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 27-05-2017
Flushing and other related activities of 2 nos. deep bore hole for improvement. DHORI Dhori OC 27-05-2017
Renovation of Dispensary Building of amlo project for occupation of Project office. DHORI Dhori OC 27-05-2017
Repairing of Both side rear suspension eye 8 nos. suspension pin 12 nos. pan hard rod . PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 27-05-2017
Repairing of 3.3KV DOL Starter, make-A/Y of Kathara Washery. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 27-05-2017
Repairing and overhauling of trolley wheel’s of 931 shuttle belt conveyor of RLB Section of Kathara KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 27-05-2017
Hiring of equipment for extraction and transfer of coal into tippers by deploying surface miners. PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 27-05-2017
Provision of communication link at Bokaro colliery weigh bridge from project office (Bokaro colliery BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 27-05-2017
Annual maintenance and dewatering of ECO Park near Bansgarha Mine under Bhurkunda Project. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 26-05-2017
Repairing and renovation of bore well including lifting and lowering of 5HP Submersible Pump in bore BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 26-05-2017
Katcha drain cutting along OB dump road under monsoon preparation through Urimari Project. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 26-05-2017
Providing temporary store shed in the Premises of Rest house. KUJU GM Unit 26-05-2017
Brass ( non-ferrous) casting (rough). BOKARO & KARGALI Giridih OC 26-05-2017
Construction of well (3.00 meter dia and 10.80 meter depth) NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 26-05-2017
Regular cleaning of muck, sludge, earth, garbage of C.T road from area sales office NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 26-05-2017
OFC cable commotion from old weigh bridge to new weigh bridge for WAN connectivity KUJU GM Unit 26-05-2017
Rewiring of Qtr, No C-3, NC-5 and D-4 at GM Unit Kuju Area KUJU GM Unit 26-05-2017
Extension of CCTV Surveillance System to cover coal heaps KUJU GM Unit 26-05-2017
Supply of Lubricants and Coolants of Komatsu HD465-7EO Dumpers for BnK Area BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 25-05-2017
01 No.Diesel Car, 24 hrs basis all days in a week for one year. CORPORATE MRS 25-05-2017
Complete repairing / rewinding of statar and rotor of 160KW/215HP, 3phase induction Motor 440V. KATHARA GM Unit 25-05-2017
Supply ofElectrical Items for AKKOCPof B&K Area. BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 25-05-2017
Electrical rewiring of Sr. Transit Camp/ VIP Guest House Kathara under G.M. Unit, Kathara Area. KATHARA GM Unit 25-05-2017
Procurement of Radiator Part No. 2885715 of BEML BOKARO & KARGALI Giridih OC 25-05-2017
Maintenance of 440Volt, /220Volt, O/H line & changing of different required materials/conductor. KATHARA Kathara OC 25-05-2017
Wiring, power supply arrangement for DG set of PO office and executive KUJU Karma OC 25-05-2017
Procurement of ac condenser assembly required for dumper KUJU GM Unit 24-05-2017
Supplying of Fresh Evening Snacks to 50 (Fifty) Students of CCL ke Lal BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 24-05-2017
Pump foundation at River side pump house Under Kathara Colliery. KATHARA Kathara OC 24-05-2017
Procurement of spares for RECP 650 Drill sl. no.1047 of Sirka Colliery. ARGADA GM Unit 24-05-2017
Repair and Maintenance of Dakra Dispensary to make. NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 24-05-2017
Hiring of 1 No diesel car ( sedan type) with drivers on 24hrs/day HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 24-05-2017
White washing, Painting and minor repair of Community center at Railway Colony Under Kathara Washery KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 24-05-2017
W/W C/W & Painting of 9 No. Qtr.(MP/02) NMP/152 NM/169 MP/08 MP/40 & MP/05 at Sawang Colliery. KATHARA Sawang OC 24-05-2017
Hiring of 1 No diesel jeep ( closed body) with drivers HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 24-05-2017
Repairing and reconditioning of 3.3KV HT starter of 110KW ‘Mineline’make HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 24-05-2017
Procurement of ‘V’ Pulley 309 Screen for Gidi-Washery. ARGADA GM Unit 24-05-2017
Provision of wireless radio link between EPBAXes at GM Office and PPR workshop of Piparwar Area PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 24-05-2017
Procurement of Bearing blocks for different belt conveyor of Gid-i-Washery. ARGADA GM Unit 24-05-2017
Dismantling of 8 inch dia MS pipeline from Quarry-I (Dam) and laying and fixing MS pipeline PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 24-05-2017
Repairing and reconditioning of 03 nos of rest shelters PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 24-05-2017
Hiring of 22 seater Mini Bus on 24 hours basis. PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 24-05-2017
Repairing and overhauling of T.R.F. vibrator assembly of T.R.F. Screen of Section-II in HMS Section. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 24-05-2017
Repair & making of old broken drive pulley assembly of impact crusher in unit no. 216 of HMS section KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 24-05-2017
Supplying and distribution of domestic water to the villages and tolas (Prem Nagar, Jojo Tola, Jamun BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 23-05-2017
Temporary approach road to pump foundation for urgent dewatering of Mines water at outsourcing patch BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 23-05-2017
Spreading moorum for filling of ditches and undulated ground of Rest House premises through Urimari BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 23-05-2017
Day to day work in Mines like shovel marching, Alum loading and unloading, cleaning of weighmen BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 23-05-2017
Temporary Shovel Erection/Repairing Shed at Corner of Quarry No.3 under Kathara Colliery. KATHARA GM Unit 23-05-2017
Procurement of Double roll crusher and Electronic Platform balance ARGADA GM Unit 23-05-2017
Four (04) nos of deep bore well with submersible pump(solar power) and water MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 23-05-2017
Boundary wall in middle school at saraiya village under CSR scheme PIPARWAR GM Unit 23-05-2017
Painting & writing “ of number in different electrical BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 23-05-2017
overhead layout of optical fiber cable from project office (Bokaro colliery) to D.D. mine. BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 23-05-2017
Repairing /Replacement of Old /damaged CFL Light BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 23-05-2017
Electrical repairing & Partial wiring of different sheds KATHARA GM Unit 22-05-2017
Procurement of spares for Kirloskar make DG Sets under M-A Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 22-05-2017
Construction of WBM Road in Village Raham from Tarwariya Pipar Village MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 22-05-2017
Repairing of coal transportation road from Basaria Village to Basaria Nalla MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 22-05-2017
Barbed wire fencing around the new coal stock with 2 nos. barrier MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 22-05-2017
Procurement of Spares for CAT-988H FE Loader. CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 22-05-2017
Adoption of one No Cat 35T dumper engine for running KUJU Karma OC 22-05-2017
Repairing /Rewinding of 300KVA 11KV/440volt power Transformer Sl. No 246/1 under Ara Project KUJU Ara OC 22-05-2017
lowering & lifting with replacement of cable, pipe etc as required and repairing of 1 No submersible KUJU Karma OC 22-05-2017
Renovation of 11KV O/H feeding of power to Pundi Project from Kuju Project under Kuju Area. KUJU Pundi OC 22-05-2017
Making of Gate with walls, foundations for DG set of Karma Project under Kuju Area. KUJU Karma OC 22-05-2017
Extension of 3.3KV O/H Line for electrical shovel at Pundi Project of Kuju Area. KUJU Pundi OC 22-05-2017
Renovation of 11KV O.H. line feeding power to E&M Workshop PO office from 10 No Sub-station. KUJU Sarubera OC 22-05-2017
Erection and laying of 3rd range G.I pipeline 150mm dia for pumping at Karma OCP under kuju area. KUJU Karma OC 22-05-2017
Procurement of Live Frame of Screens CORPORATE Corporate HQ 20-05-2017
Repairing & refilling of 84 (eighty four) nos. of portable fire extinguisher RAJRAPPA GM Unit 20-05-2017
Making of fresh earth pits for different electrical PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 20-05-2017
Brooming of Colony Roads/ Building premises and cleaning of drains of GM Office. KUJU GM Unit 20-05-2017
Fabrication of 04 nos of tyre mounted skid type cable hanger for providing safe haul road cable cros PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 20-05-2017
Repairing and maintenance of 440 V Overhead line at Belari, Bartola, Barkitand, Chiriatand PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 20-05-2017
Complete repairing and rewinding of 01 no. 630 KVA, 3.3KV/415 V Transformer PIPARWAR Ray-Bachra UG 20-05-2017
Picking and stacking of stone boulder from coal stock under Religara Project of Argada Area, CCL. ARGADA GM Unit 20-05-2017
Hiring of 10 nos. of hard top covered jeep diesel version. PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 20-05-2017
Hiring of 02 no. Ambulance Van, Petrol Version on 24 hours basis for CHP/CPP & Ashok OCP, Piparwar A PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 20-05-2017
Repairing/filling of pot holes & spreading of moorum along the road side from G.M.Office Kargali. BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 20-05-2017
Repairing and reconditioning of 2000 GPM, 150 Mtr head M&P HT Pump PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 20-05-2017
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance system at different coal PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 20-05-2017

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