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Provisional List of departmental candidates eligible to appear in written test for Technician (Audiometry/Trainee) & Technician (Optometry/Refraction/Trainee) to be held on 18/11/2019 at CCL HQ, Ranchi
Document Verification Schedule for Jr. Sanitary Inspector, the written exam for which was held on 13.10.2019
Provisional List of Candidates Selected for the post of Junior Sanitary Inspector, Gr. D, based on the result of written test held on 13/10/2019
For Selection of accounts clerk grade-II , central coalfields limited
Contributory Post Retirement Medicare Scheme for Non Executives (Modified)
Implementation of Record Retention Schedule of records for Substantive functions of different Departments, CCL-reg.
For Selection for the post of Director (Technical), South Eastern Coalfields Limited
For Internal user's CCL HQ Ranchi Indent for Toner /Cartridge & Drum
For Selection for the post of Chairman and Managing Director , Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
Employment Notice for External Recruitment for the post of Junior Overman T&S Gr. C
For Selection for the Post of Director (Technical) , Northern Coalfields Limited
Memorandum of Understanding between Coal India Limited and Central Coalfields Limited 2018-2019
EOI: Selection for Appointment of Tax Auditor
Revised List of candidates found provisionally eligible to appear in the Written Examination for the post of Junior Sanitary Inspector Gr. D advertised vide Employment Notice dated 15/02/2019
Schedule for Document Verification of the candidates selected for the post of Pharmacist (Trainee) by the written examination held at Ranchi on 30.08.2019
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Tender Description Area Unit Uploaded on
Repair and maintenance of qtr no. B/182 occupied by Sri. Ganesh Kumar (Cashier) at Basant Vihar Colo PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 15-11-2019
Miscellaneous Jobs at Area Laboratory Kargali Washery BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali Washery 15-11-2019
Fresh Electrical wiring work of P.O Office building of JOCP, Hzb Area. HAZARIBAGH Jharkhand OC 15-11-2019
Procurement of 33 KV, Current Transformer(C.T) for Voltas Switchgear make SF6 Breaker at PEOCP HAZARIBAGH Parej East OC 15-11-2019
Dismantling of different type structural steel structure and pipe near Sayal CHP under Sayal D BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 15-11-2019
Repairing, fabrication and erection of new bunker chutes gate of Unit No. 8A and 5B in washed coal a KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 15-11-2019
Providing 19&25 mm graphite gland packing for day to day consumption DHORI 15-11-2019
Procurement of Cement Capsule in respect of Barka-Sayal Area BARKA SAYAL R.S SAUNDA 15-11-2019
providing and fixing AC insulation accessories for split AC at different places of GRD Project , Gir GIRIDIH GM UNIT 14-11-2019
For re arranging O/H Line by errection of pole, heightening of pole, minimizing of SAG, providing cr GIRIDIH GM UNIT 14-11-2019
Repairing of 11 kv 400A VCB Switch Andrew Yule make Sl No. 7116. GIRIDIH GM UNIT 14-11-2019
Supply and fitting of 320 A three pole TPN switch for mine lighting at copa sub station & feeder br GIRIDIH KABRIBAD MINE 14-11-2019
Rearranging of Overhead line by errection of pole minimizing of SAG providing cradling over 11 kv,2. GIRIDIH KABRIBAD MINE 14-11-2019
Procurement of the following Spares for use in HEMM’s of open cast Mines of GVP Ph-II OCP. KATHARA Sawang OC 14-11-2019
Repairing & cleaning of radiator of dozer BD355 dozer T-11648 of GVP Ph-II KATHARA Sawang OC 14-11-2019
Estimate for repairing/ re-winding of 90KW/ 120 HP induction motor, 550V, 1460 RPM, Project Sl.No.-6 KATHARA Sawang OC 14-11-2019
Day to day up keeping, cleaning, mopping, sweeping, cooking foods with serving, laundry, Gardening a MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 14-11-2019
Guard wall of Dumohan River at By-Pass Road at Raham under Magadh Project of Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 14-11-2019
Installation of Solar Lights BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 14-11-2019
Procurement of G.I Flange for deliver pipe line of GVP Phase-II OCP. KATHARA Sawang OC 14-11-2019
Provision of pathway Bajri around the open space behind GNH and CCL ke Lal Bldg. at GNC ,CCL, Ranchi CORPORATE Corporate HQ 14-11-2019
External painting of residential quarters and flower beds along road side etc at JNC CCL Ranchi CORPORATE Corporate HQ 14-11-2019
Dismantling & erection of 440V lighting line at central Saunda due to damaged by pole at Urimari Pr BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 14-11-2019
Running repairing of explosive van bearing reg no BR 20 G – 0994 in respect to karo OCP. BOKARO & KARGALI Karo OC 14-11-2019
Comprehensive AMC for 02 (two) years for Repairing & Maintenance of Air Conditioner Machines and Sta CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 14-11-2019
Repairing of 16 nos 5KVA 240Volts stabilizer of split AC machine at GM(O) chamber 01 no, Gm Banglow BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 14-11-2019
Bokaro Colliery under BnK Area BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 13-11-2019
Day to day up-keeping, cleaning and sweeping of Central Hospital, Dhori, OPD, drain, outside campus DHORI GM Unit 13-11-2019
Day to day up-keeping of GM office campus, AAO, sale office including sweeping, dustbin, cleaning o DHORI GM Unit 13-11-2019
Renovation of one no. washing platform at Kalyani under SDOCM Project. DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 13-11-2019
Konar Expansion under BnK Area BOKARO & KARGALI Khas Mahal OC 13-11-2019
Fabrication and Erection of conveyor structure and its channel, roller frame angle and plate etc of KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 13-11-2019
Replacement of damaged service wire in 02 nos. (Block no. 6 & 7) block of MQ-type at Sharda colony DHORI Dhori Khas UG 12-11-2019
Providing and fixing of 08 nos. lightening arrestor with earthing at Prastavit Balika Vidyalaya Bach PIPARWAR GM Unit 12-11-2019
Installation of street light fittings at different places under Bachra Township, Piparwar Area. PIPARWAR Ray-Bachra UG 12-11-2019
Repairing & maintenance qtr. no. MQ-234 of 64 colony occupied By sri. Dukhan Mahto , Cat-V under CHP PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Hiring of 01 no. 15 KVA, 440 volt, 3 phase, 50Hz, DG Set for providing emergency power supply to GM PIPARWAR GM Unit 12-11-2019
Painting & dismantling in shiv mandir and parwati Mandir of Bachra village under CHP-CPPPiparwar Are PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Brooming floor cleaning, toilet cleaning etc at Bachra siding office and canteen including materials PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Repairing and maintenance of Qtr. No.C-F/2 at Basant Vihar Colony, and Qtr. No.LCH/06 at Ray Collier PIPARWAR GM Unit 12-11-2019
Repairing of main drain of qtr. no. B/34 of Ashok Vihar and qtr. no. MQ 112 of B/V Colony occupied b PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Repair of damaged and collapsed drain behind residential quarters D S of four block at Railway col KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 12-11-2019
Cleaning drain & grass cutting at near GM Office under M-A Area. MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 12-11-2019
Repairing and strengthening of Loha bridge near BTPS over konar river under Sawang Gvp phase II Kath KATHARA Sawang OC 12-11-2019
Petty repair work MQ 325 CHP CPP Office Control room at CHP-CPP. PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Repairing of damaged boundary wall & drain of Qtr. no. 19 L of 1 BR colony occupied by Shri. Tulshi PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Washing & painting of qtr. no. B / 136 & B 141 of Basant Vihar Colony occupied by Kayum Ansari & Smt PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Washing painting and roof repair in qtr no. LCH 9 of BOCM colony occupied by Sri. Santosh Gupta Jr D PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 12-11-2019
Repairing of 6 UP4, 40 HP pump of bunker no. 07 of Raw Coal Section in respect of Kargali Washery BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali Washery 12-11-2019
Hiring of Explosive Van PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 12-11-2019
Hiring of vehicle PIPARWAR GM Unit 12-11-2019
Fabrication & Erection of Railing stair case and its angle, plate and channel etc. near reject bypas KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 12-11-2019
Running repairing work of JH-01Z-8000 ISUZU Car at Rajrappa Area RAJRAPPA GM Unit 12-11-2019
Repairing and overhauling of head snub drum size 1600 x 400 x 10mm of new bunker washed coal in RLB KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 12-11-2019
Replacment of dmaged door shutter in Main Base Workshop toilet and window closing in light vehicle s RAJRAPPA GM Unit 12-11-2019
Dismantling , fabrication, erection and alignment of structures of 1204 and 1304 belts under Loading RAJRAPPA GM Unit 11-11-2019
Dismantling , overturning , repairing , erection and alignment of suction and delivery pipes of DSM- RAJRAPPA GM Unit 11-11-2019
Towards providing and fixing 27W pin type and screw type 110V LED lamp, providing and fixing M.V. DHORI Dhori Khas UG 11-11-2019
6 wire overhead line circuit making & its related water arrangement system in earth pit DHORI Dhori Khas UG 11-11-2019
Repairing of one no. self starter 24v =01 no. for BH60M dumper of Jarangdih Colliery. KATHARA Jarangdih OC 11-11-2019
Operator cabin side glass two nos. fitting of RECP-650 drill RDC-1166 of GVP Ph-II KATHARA Sawang OC 11-11-2019
8.Procurement of C.I. Sluice Valve size 3”/4” & 6” pipe line laid in Jhirkey Village for water supp KATHARA Kathara OC 11-11-2019
Wiring for additional electrical paints as per requirement of road weighbridge at Kathara Colliery KATHARA Kathara OC 11-11-2019
G.M.Unit of BNK Area BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 11-11-2019
procuremwnt of Tyre Dismantling Machine for HEMM tyres of different sizes along with all accessories CORPORATE Corporate HQ 11-11-2019
Supply, installation, commissioning and testing CCTV surveillance system MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 11-11-2019
Non-Comprehensive annual maintenance contract for of 04 nos. electronic road weighbridge MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 11-11-2019
Repairing of 1 no. Hoist cylinder for BH 60 Dumper Sl. No 60003 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 11-11-2019
Repairing of rear suspension of BH60 Dumper sl. No.60005 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 11-11-2019
Repairing of 2no. Steering Cylinder of BH 60 Dumper Sl.No. 3665 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 11-11-2019
Rewinding of Chanda C drill BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 11-11-2019
Rewinding of Chanda B drill stator BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 11-11-2019
Procurement of Load Cell for Portable WB under CHP/CPP, Piparwar Area. PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 11-11-2019
Repairing of 20 hp motor BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 11-11-2019
Repairing of welding machine BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 11-11-2019
Fabrication & Erection of screen unit no. 209 and its sector, channel, angle and strip in Sec-I at H KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 11-11-2019
Erection of 150 mtr, 4X10sqmm PVC insulated copper conductor cable for illumination purpose at Charh HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 11-11-2019
Providing drain wall of main drain of PS-5 (Length of 23 Mtrs.) under Rajrappa Washery Project RAJRAPPA GM Unit 10-11-2019
Repairing and maintenance of river side street light 440V O/H line of Kedla Washery under Hazaribag HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 10-11-2019
Repairing of take-up drum size 1150 x 600 x 10mm of standby belt conveyor in HMS Section of Kathara KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 10-11-2019
for Rep. and Replacement of Mother board of Digitizer and Display board of 50MT Elec. Road W/B Uri BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 10-11-2019
Replacemewnt of door and windows of side room of Raw Coal Weigh Bridge under Rajrappa Washery Projec RAJRAPPA GM Unit 09-11-2019
Repairing of tension snub drum no. 01 size 1600 x 400 x 10mm of 949 belt conveyor in RLB Section of KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 09-11-2019
Repairing of Rear Hub, Tail Crown, Clutch, Housing and Break etc. Of BHM -1367 TATA Model Truck of T KUJU Topa OC 09-11-2019
PE(E&M)/Topa/T.N/19-20/49 KUJU Topa OC 09-11-2019
Repairing of engine filter ,self starter ,Alternator ,Tail Crown system and Diesel Filling system & KUJU Topa OC 09-11-2019
– Cutting of old holder & welding of new holder and fitting of picks of Elecon feeder breaker of Gir GIRIDIH KABRIBAD MINE 09-11-2019
Repairing with changing of seal kit LHS&RHS withpin of rear suspension of dumper sl no.60037 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 08-11-2019
Repairing of engine guard of BH60M dumper working at Jarangdih Colliery. KATHARA Jarangdih OC 08-11-2019
7.Procurement of Double Row ball bearing No. 3309 for 3 Nos. DSM-4 Pumps installed at filter plant KATHARA Kathara OC 08-11-2019
7.Procurement of cast iron welding electrode & shaft sleeve bush for repair of upper & lower casing KATHARA Kathara OC 08-11-2019
Repairing of BR13P 0865 School Bus of Kedla OCP under Hazaribagh Area HAZARIBAGH Kedla OC 08-11-2019
Re installation of split type AC installed at Main building , kaveri and ors at DHC CCL Ranchi CORPORATE Corporate HQ 08-11-2019
Repairing of Rear Suspension Assy for 3638 Dumper BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 08-11-2019
Repairing of Rear suspension LHS of dumper 3638 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 08-11-2019

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