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Tender Description Area Unit Uploaded on
Procurement of Consumable Spares used in HEMMs deployed at Kathara OCP of Kathara Area. KATHARA Kathara OC 16-07-2018
Procurement of Belt Fastening Hooks for Gidi-A CHP of Argada Area ARGADA Gidi A OC 16-07-2018
Upkeeping /cleaning of weigh Bridge No. 01 & 02 including weigh bridge room at Masilong of Magadh Pr MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Repairing existing Bitumen road and laying paver block at SISF colony, Subhash Nagar, Dakra under Ma MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Temporary Hume pipe culvert at Benti Nala near railway track under Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Fire fitting work for save 0.53 MT Coal under Magadh Project of Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Annual Cleaning of Weigh Bridge No.12 at Honhey under Amrapali Project of Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Loading and Transportation of Coal BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali Washery 16-07-2018
Repairing/replacement of 440 V OH Power Line near Durga Mandap ground at NTS Colony Barkakana. CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 16-07-2018
Maintenance free earthing and lighting protection for transformers installed at Workshop of Sarubera KUJU Sarubera OC 16-07-2018
Fabrication of bearing bush of pumps RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 16-07-2018
Repair of toilets of Shilpayan Bunglow at DHC,CCL,Ranchi. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 16-07-2018
Complete repairing/overhauling of gear box type GS-50DM of unit 227 belt conv. main plant Kedla wash HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 16-07-2018
Procurement of hoses for CAT 6018 ACFS Shovels NORTH KARANPURA R.S DAKRA 16-07-2018
Making Ramp/approach to portable Weigh Bridge at New Kuju Siding under Topa Project of Kuju Area KUJU Topa OC 16-07-2018
Repairing & refitting of 400Watt 230Volt light fitting Re-strengthening of O/H line and proper ligh KUJU Pundi OC 16-07-2018
Erection and renovation of lighting conductor system at weighbridge of Pundi Project under kuju Area KUJU Pundi OC 16-07-2018
Extension of 3.3KV Overhead line for East side near Main Road of Pundi Project of Kuju Area. KUJU Pundi OC 16-07-2018
Repair & renovation of approach verandah & path way of Sales Office Building with cleaning of garbag ARGADA GM Unit 16-07-2018
Removing of Old Tarfelt work and providing & fixing APP of 3mm thick in G.V.T.C. building under Sirk ARGADA Sirka OC 16-07-2018
Renovation of P.O. Office Building of Religara Colliery. ARGADA Religara OC 16-07-2018
Running repairing & overhauling of one KIRLOSKER make, 1000 GPM, Split casing, single stage, 6UP4 Pu DHORI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Renovation of power supply by providing safety devices for 500KVA Lighting Transformer at colony of KUJU Pundi OC 16-07-2018
“Providing water tower, water tank and back side approach of W/bridge (of 12 no.) under AADOCM, Dhor DHORI Amlo OC 16-07-2018
Repair & Renovation of room & gallery of Guest House/transit camp under GM Unit, Argada Area. ARGADA 16-07-2018
Renovation including minor repair work in Tongi Club Under GM Unit, Argada ARGADA GM Unit 16-07-2018
Procurements of spares and accessories of Road weigh bridges (Fixed and Portable Type) of Global Mak MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 16-07-2018
Procurement of Hoses for CAT 6018 Shovels working at NK Area NORTH KARANPURA Purnadih OC 16-07-2018
Pole painting & Restringing cradling of 440V O/H & 6.6KV lineat quarry no. 2 of Kathara Colliery. KATHARA Kathara OC 15-07-2018
Cast iron non return valve (NRV), 250 mm complete KATHARA Kathara OC 15-07-2018
4. Procurement of Hammer, Nylone rope, Hexablade, Rough file for day to day maintenance of electrica KATHARA Kathara OC 15-07-2018
Repairing of 6 CHR Pump Sl No. -0401 of filter bed of Sawang Colliery KATHARA Sawang OC 15-07-2018
Repairing of MLA-5,100x125mm, 500 GPM Pump, Sl No. 0302 for filter bed of Sawang Colliery KATHARA Sawang OC 15-07-2018
Fabrication of wheel gear pinion 122 teeth for PCH section at Sawang Washery. KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 15-07-2018
Requirement of LAN/WAN connection in Regional Stores of Sawang Washery KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 15-07-2018
AMC of 50Te. Electronic Road Weigh Bridge Sl.No.0811035K, Make-Leotronic of Sawang Colliery KATHARA Sawang OC 15-07-2018
Installation, Commissioning and testing of 60Te. Portable Road Weigh Bridge at Jarangdih open cast KATHARA Jarangdih OC 15-07-2018
Repairing of 30nos. Flights for Bharat West Falia No.2 at Jarangdih Colliery KATHARA Jarangdih OC 15-07-2018
Repairing of gear box GS-14 of belt conveyor no. 492 of fine coal Section at KTW KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 15-07-2018
Repairing / rewinding of A.C. Ceiling fan, change of new bearing and lead wire, Volt 220/230 at KTW KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 15-07-2018
Procurement of consumable spares used in HEMMs for Excavation department of Kathara OCP. KATHARA Kathara OC 15-07-2018
Reorganization of 3.3KV OHline of Bokaro Colliery , BnK Area BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 15-07-2018
Moorum spreading, earth cutting & filling from Kargali gate to Kargali Bazaar on the occasion BOKARO & KARGALI 15-07-2018
Temporary Hume pipe culvert at Mander Nala under Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 15-07-2018
Temporary Hume pipe culvert at Mander Nala under Magadh-Amrapali Area MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 15-07-2018
Rain water harvesting at Project office of SDOCM under Dhori Area DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 15-07-2018
Repairing of building for temporary shifting of office of Pichhari mines at Pichhari under AADOCM DHORI Amlo OC 15-07-2018
Fitment of glass front portion of cabin of BD155 dozer T-2748 of GVP Ph-II KTA KATHARA Sawang OC 14-07-2018
Shifting and making view tower shed at OB dump near H.P. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 14-07-2018
Repair of the attached toilet in suite no.-2 (Sandi Suite) at VIP Guest House, also ladies toilet, s RAJRAPPA GM Unit 14-07-2018
Fabrication, Painting, Writing and fixing of encapsulated lens type reflective boards at different l DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 13-07-2018
Complete repairing / rewinding of 01 no. 261 KW, 749 RPM,‘NGEF’ make,Sl. No1480801 of Kedlka Washery HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 13-07-2018
Procurement of Rain Coat (Plastic type)= 120 Nos. to improve safety in rainy season at Kathara Colli KATHARA Kathara OC 13-07-2018
earth work in civil engineering works[note : only the value of earth work will be considered as per PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 13-07-2018
Any civil engineering works including hume pipe work / work identical in name or nature PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 13-07-2018
Bituminous road work or concrete road work or PQC road work or combination of these three / work ide PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 13-07-2018
Earth cutting and dressing of alignment for pipe line work from 3C quarry to filter plant at Kuju KUJU Kuju UG 13-07-2018
Uprooting & removal of rank vegetation, grass etc & trimming work for clearing the areas near and ar NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 13-07-2018
Supply & fixing of damaged main Switch, Bus bar chamber and Service connection wire in B type Block NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 13-07-2018
Annual cleaning of the GM Office, Rajhara Area, Chandwa (12 months). RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 13-07-2018
Annual cleaning of the Guest House at Rajhara Area, (12 months). RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 13-07-2018
Renovation/repairing of overhead line including grouting of poles,changing of conductors at RS Parej HAZARIBAGH R.S PAREJ 13-07-2018
Shifting of 3.3KV Overhead line for top bench at Parej East OCP under Hazaribagh Area. HAZARIBAGH Parej East OC 13-07-2018
Construction and development of OB dump IV into Ecological Park at Rajrappa Area. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 13-07-2018
Supply & Fixing of different types of LED lights switches, cables pipes, switch boards etc. RAJHARA GM Unit 12-07-2018
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of 50 MT capacity Electronic Road Weighbridge Make ASCE, RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 12-07-2018
Repairing of 12 Nos. 2 X 400 W MH/HPSV, 10 Nos. 1 X 250 W HPSV Light Fittings at Pindra Colliery KUJU Pindra UG 12-07-2018
Repairing / rewinding of welding transformer, 03 Phase, 300Amps, 28KVA, Make-In-dark of RLB 9Mtr lev KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 12-07-2018
Graphite packing, 7/8” KATHARA Jarangdih OC 12-07-2018
Construction or repairing of (i) water supply works or (ii) Sanitary pipe line work or combination o PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 12-07-2018
Repairing of magnetic separator for Unit No. 228 of Sec-I in HMS Section of Kathara Washery KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 12-07-2018
Procurement of Spares suitable for CAT 773E (60T) Dumper for entire CCL against MB 18-19. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 12-07-2018
Erection/Dismantling of LT Overhead line (Lighting line) RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 12-07-2018
Making temporary culvert by using cement concrete pipe BARKA SAYAL Birsa Project 12-07-2018
Repairing of two nos of hume pipe culvert on Kurse Nallah BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 12-07-2018
Procurement of Cement Capsule HAZARIBAGH Kedla UG 12-07-2018
Procurement of the Spares for use in HEMM’s of open cast Mines of GVP Ph-II OCP of Kathara Area. KATHARA Sawang OC 12-07-2018
Repair & Maintenance of three units ‘C’ type (C-76, 77 & 78) on shifting grounds in officer’s colony NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 12-07-2018
Complete repairing & full overhauling of one MLA-5,Kirlosker make,150M head ,500GPM,125x100mm size, DHORI Dhori Khas UG 12-07-2018
Extension/erection & dismantling of HT O/H Line of 6.6 KV/3.3KV grade feeder No. 7,8,22 & 24(N) RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 12-07-2018
Electrical item( fan, cooler, refrigerator ) repairing training RAJRAPPA GM Unit 11-07-2018
Procurement of Alternator (AC 5R-24V) spares for HEMMs of Gidi-C Colliery ARGADA Gidi C OC 11-07-2018
Hindi computer typing training RAJRAPPA GM Unit 11-07-2018
Repairing of steering system (RHS) of EKG5A Shovel Exc-2593 of GVP Ph-II, Kathara Area KATHARA Sawang OC 11-07-2018
Making 1 No. foundation for lighting town at Jelhitand under KDH Project NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 11-07-2018
Re-arrangement 3.3KV OH line BARKA SAYAL Birsa Project 11-07-2018
Diversion -3.3KV OH line BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 11-07-2018
Dismantling lighting BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 11-07-2018
Providing pucca drain in Jamdih village under Purnadih Project. NORTH KARANPURA Purnadih OC 11-07-2018
Rail pole fixing at Kathara Washery in different places under Karhara Washery. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 11-07-2018
Repair of pot holes on CTR from Damodar bridge to Monnet washery turning NORTH KARANPURA Purnadih OC 11-07-2018
Procurement of spares for Prabhu make 3.3KV DOL Starter for Gidi-C and Religara Project of Argada Ar ARGADA Gidi C OC 11-07-2018
Cleaning, repair and improvement of internal drainage system of Regional stores campus NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 11-07-2018
Extension/Erection and dismantling of LT O/H Line for illumination RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 11-07-2018
Shifting, installation of 252 M3 / Hr & 500 GPM pump near coal face with laying, fixing, dismantling NORTH KARANPURA Rohini OC 10-07-2018
Extension of 6.6 KV Feeder No. 05 for providing power to the Marion Shovels in Jehlitanr Patch under NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 10-07-2018
Complete rewinding and repairing of 500 KVA 3.3 KV/440Volt, air cooled, Power transformer of KTC KATHARA Kathara OC 10-07-2018
Rewinding and repairing of 250KVA 3.3KV/440Volt, Transformer, JRD/TRS/09,of Jaranigdih KATHARA Jarangdih OC 10-07-2018
Stability test of Plant, emergeny and disaster management plan, safety audit, Testing of tools etc. ARGADA 10-07-2018

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