Educational Facilities

       Specific emphasis is being given by CCL for providing quality educational facilities to the wards of its employees. Kendriya Vidyalaya, DAV Public Schools and other reputed institutions/trusts have been negotiated for establishing and running 10+2 CBSE pattern schools in the vicinity of CCL. These schools are given financial grants both recurring/non-recurring and other infrastructural assistance. Besides this, privately managed schools are also being provided financial help/grant-in- aid. There are 109 nos. of school buses available in CCL for transporting students from their residence to respective schools and back.

CCL is keen to provide certain amenities to its employees, one of the amenities being the provision of educational facilities for the wards and dependent of its employees. CCL has set up English medium school in its command areas.

DAV's Schools

List of DAV's Schools getting Financials help to project schools

Sl. No. Name of Schools
DAV, Ara, Kuju
2 DAV,Rajrappa
3 DAV,Dhori
4 DAV, Barkakana
5 DAV,Sawang
6 DAV, Kathara
7 DAV, Giridih

Synopsis of deficit Grant to DAV's School

(Amt crore)
(Amt crore)
(Amt crore)
DAV 12.67 17.57 17.39

DAV Public Schools

List of DAV's Schools getting infrastructural facilities to project schools

Sl. No. Name of Schools
1 DAV, Gandhi Nagar
2 DAV,Kedla Nagar
3 DAV, Bachra
4 DAV, Tapin North
5 DAV,Urimari
6 DAV, Gidi
7 DAV, Topa
Kendriya Vidyalaya

One no. of fully aided Kendriya Vidyalaya at Rajendra Nagar, Ranchi. Summary of financial help towards Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ranchi is as follow:-

Schools  2012-13 (Amt crore)  2013-14 (Amt crore) 2014-15 (Amt crore)
Kendriya Vidyalaya   1.70 1.57 2.0

Privately Managed Schools

There are 43 nos. of Privately Managed Schools getting grant-in-aid and infrastructural support. Synopsis of financial help to Privately Managed
Schools year wise is as follows:-

Schools  2012-13 (Amt crore)  2013-14 (Amt crore) 2014-15 (Amt crore)
Privately Managed School 1.60 1.58 1.58


The CCL offers scholarships to the meritorious wards of CCL employees every year under the scheme of CIL Scholarship.The number of beneficiaries of CIL Scholarship scheme:-

  2012-13 (Amt lakhs) 2013-14 (Amt laks) 2014-15 (Amt lakhs)
Expenditure 8.73 12.82 17.16
No. of wards 842 795 1005

Tuition Fee Reimbursement

CCL reimburses the tuition fees and hostel charges to meritorious students pursuing full-time courses in Engineering/Medical to nurture
and support talent among the deserving students belonging to families of non-executive under NCWA IX. The expenditure of the last three years as follows:-

  2012 (Amt lakhs) 2013 (Amt laks) 2014 (Amt lakhs)
Expenditure 8.06  3.92 6.32
No. of wards 27 11  17

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