CCL felicitates Retired Employees

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 31-07-2018

Altogether 11 employees including four executives posted at Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL)’s headquarters, Darbhanga House, Ranchi superannuated from their services on 31st July, 2018. However, they were given warm farewell at a function held in ‘Vichar Manch’ Darbhanga House, Ranchi.  

On this occasion, Director (Finance) Shri D.K. Ghosh, Director (Technical/Operation) Sri A.K. Mishra, Director (Project & Planning) Sri V.K. Srivastava, CVO Sri A.K. Srivastava along with HoDs/GMs and others were present in large numbers. 

The retired employees were: -

1. Sri Uday Prakash, GM (Personnel), P&IR

2. Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha, C.M.S: CCL, Medical

3. Sri Kanai Lal Kundu, GM (Mining), MRS

4. Mrs. Manjula Sharma, GM (Personnel), MP & R

5. Sri Hemant Kumar, Chief Manager (Fin), DT (P&P)

6. Sri Prakash Kr. Pradhan, Chief Mgr (Mark. & Sales), Mkt & Sales

7. Sri Arvind Kumar, Chief Manager (E&M), NIMC

8. Sri Ashutosh Oraon, OS-A1, Q. C

9. Sri Jagannath Mishra, Ward Master-A, G.N.H

10. Sri Hiralal Balmiki, Safai Karmachari- Cat-IV, G.N.H

11. Smt. Guhi Oraon,  Safai Karmachari- Cat-IV, G.N.H

Functional Directors and CVO handed over Thanks Giving Letter, Service Certificate, cheque documents of gratuity, pension papers, medical cards, religious books, Yoga CD, saplings, dinner sets etc., to the superannuated employees. As per the existing practice, CMPF amount will be transferred through RTGS into the account of respective retired employees.
Employees, who have superannuated in areas, were also given farewell in their respective areas. Total 191 employees including headquarters have retired from their service in July 2018. 

Shri D K Ghosh in his address to the retired employees said that you all have gained respect and love from the colleagues due to your devotion for the company. He recollected the individual experience of working with each retiring employees and appreciated their dedication and work ethics. He wished for the bright future and healthy life of the retired employees.

On this occasion, all the retiring employees shared their personal experience and acknowledged support and affection, which they got from the company during their service period. Retiring employees said that they will carry their fond memories with long association with company and all of them wished that the company keeps achieving new heights in future.

The programme was co-ordinated by Ms Rashmi Dayal, GM (Welfare) and vote of thanks was proposed by Shri A K Singh, GM (EE). The programme was successfully conducted by the Welfare department.

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