Apex Corporate Programme for senior executives of CCL begins at Khelgaon

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 06-07-2018

`These two members of apex team of Art of Living, Bangalore are glaring example of the supreme sacrifice for humanity in today’s world`-  Shri Singh said.

A three-day (6th -8th July) Apex Corporate Programme for senior executives of Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) began with aim of transforming their "leadership persona" at Khelgoan Sports Complex, Hotwar, Ranchi today.    

The programme has been organized under the guidance of CMD, CCL Shri Gopal Singh, who wants to enhance the leadership qualities of senior executives so that they can achieve their fullest potentials and drive the growth of the company as well as the economy as a whole. 

Two members of apex team of Art of Living, Bangalore- Shri Shri Balvinder Chandok and Shri ShriRohitSikka- are imparting advanced leadership training to the Directors, Chief Vigilance Officer and General Managers(GMs), who are posted in CCL headquarters as well as areas.  In addition to CMD ShriGopal Singh,  Director(Pers) Shi R S Mahapatro, Director(Tech/Oprns) Shri  A K Mishra, Director(P&P) Shri V K Shrivastava, Chief Vigilance Officer Shri  A K Srivastava and GMs are the participants of the programme. 

CMD CCL Shri Gopal Singh while addressing the welcome speech pointed out the supreme sacrifice of  ShriShriBalvinderChandok and Shri Shri RohitSikka, who left their lucrative jobs and joined Art of Living, Banglore to serve the humanity. He further said that Shri Chandiok is by a profession an engineer and had credit to play hockey for Air India and Shri Sikka too served various MNCs in top positions. “There may be many examples of sacrifice in the history but these two members of apex team of Art of Living, Bangalore are glaring example of the supreme sacrifice for humanity in today’s world”-  Shri Singh said. 

He further emphasized that this three-day programme will yield enhancement of leadership skills, decision making ability, people management skills etc. so that each participants can be benefited personally as well as professionally. He said that these training are being attended by GMs but indirectly 10 lac people are associated with this company indirectly and CCL is committed for inclusive growth in the society.

The programme is intended basically for GMs, who are playing key roles in achieving targets of the company and aspire to reach pinnacle for their corporate leadership. They are expected in keeping their team focused and motivated so that the company can achieve new heights in coming days with ease. 

GM( HRD) Shri G S Bhati and his team comprising Chief Manager (Pers) Shri S Bakshi, Sr. Manager(Mining) Shri A K Singh,  Manager(Pers) Shri JBR Kujur and others co-ordinated the programme.

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