CCL touches new heights, achieves record dispatch and rake loading Strengthened Infrastructure to leverage coal production and dispatch in next 2018-19

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 01-04-2018

Touching new heights of success, Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) has achieved the highest ever coal dispatch and rail rake loading in the fiscal year (FY) 2017-18. CCL dispatched a record 67.6 million tons (MT) of coal, registering a growth of 11% and loaded 11518 rakes, which were 371 rakes above last fiscal year. With a commitment to power for all, company has supplied about 9 % more coal to thermal power plants in FY 18. Dispatch to power stations in 2017-18 was 49.65 MT against dispatch of 45.53 MT in 2016-17. This was result of more coal dispatch of 11575 tones (average/day), to power stations in FY 17-18.

CCL has also accomplished unprecedented performance in capital expenditure, rail transport infrastructure development, stock liquidation etc. In the last financial year, CCL management under the able leadership of Chairman, Coal India / CMD, CCL Shri Gopal Singh has emphasized on strengthening the infrastructure and fast-tracking many highly anticipated and ambitious projects that will certainly give push to coal production, coal evacuation , coal dispatch etc in near future and will also have far-reaching effects in the coming years. 

The capital expenditure of the company has been about Rs 1350 Cr, more than double the target. These figures reiterate our commitment to contribute towards the nation’s economic growth. Special emphasis on commissioning of evacuation projects has helped company to achieve stock liquidation of 4.3 MT. Stock came down to 13.4 MT from 17.6 MT as on 1st April ‘17.

This saga of consistent growth is being written with strong commitment and persistent efforts of each and every stakeholders of Central Coalfields Limited. The unprecedented performance is the result of the systematic and strategic planning as well as its perfect execution. CCL Management under Chairman, Coal India/CMD, CCL Shri Gopal Singh has displayed a visionary outlook time and again, thus giving company the required momentum. This has led CCL to break conventional thresholds and perform way beyond expectations, during the period 2012-18. With the focus to ease the existing bottlenecks particularly one related to infrastructure, coal evacuation, coal transportation, land acquisition etc., CCL management in collaboration with other stakeholders including state agencies have been making efforts in this direction persistently. A recent example of the these endeavor, are the four (4) Sidings namely Balumath, Rajdhar, New Kujju and Charhi Goods Shed, which have been added in CCL portfolio during last fiscal year to smoothen and augment coal supplies to our consumers. 

CCL, in the financial year ending 31.3.2018, produced coal of 63.4 MT. The coal production target of CCL for the 2018-19 is 76.35 MT. CCL will be expanding few existing projects which will boost the coal production. For example production at projects at Karo, Konar will add to our capacity. Many stuck environment clearances for new projects is also to be cleared in coming months, which will help to start new projects.

Under the stewardship of Shri Gopal Singh, CCL has seen long lasting transformational changes, motivated employees, planned, executed and completed projects and many more ground breaking feats. 

Panch Pandavas of CCL Felicitated

Area GMs with outstanding performances were felicitated by Chairman CIL / CMD CCL Shri Gopal Singh in the review meeting taken on Sunday, April 1, 2018. Powered by outstanding performances by 5 Area General Managers, CCL has created history and has broken many records in the financial year 2017-18.  
Shri P Chanda, GM (Barka Sayal Area) was felicitated for achieving a whopping 40% growth in coal production. Shri K K Mishra, GM (NK Area) and Shri R V Singh, GM (Magadh – Amrapali Area) were also felicitated for achieving about 21% growth in coal production from their respective areas. 
The commitment given by Area GMs in the month of March’18 was also reviewed.  Shri Alok Kumar, (GM Rajrappa) and Shri S K Singh, (GM Hazaribagh) were felicitated for achieving commitment given for coal production of March 18. 

Shri Gopal Singh named these outstanding Area GMs as PANCH PANDAWAS and asked all officials to take inspiration from them and ensure that target of 2018-19 is achieved. 

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