"CCL ke Lal" continue the tradition with their best performance in 12th's Result

Area- Headquarter, Posted on- 29-05-2017

All the 11 children of the 2015-17 batch of CCL ke Lal have once again achieved 100 per cent success and performed exceedingly well in the 12th examination. Pitambar Agrawal, with 96 percent marks is the topper of CCL ke Lal as well as DAV Gandhinagar. Kunal Prasad (95.8 percent) of the batch has achieved second rank in DAV Gandhinagar. Vivek Kumar Mehta (93.4 per cent) and all the other 8 students have also achieved success by getting good marks. All students have expressed their gratitude towards CCL’s CMD Shri Gopal Singh, Management and their instructors (who are the CCL’s Officer and all IITians), Shri Jitender Kumar, Mr. Akhilesh Kumar and Mr. Naman Shrivastav. CMD Shri Gopal Singh, Directors, CVO and others congratulated the students for their success and have expressed the hope that the children will also be selected in the IITs / NITs.

It is known that the children who are devoted to the studies are selected in IIT, NIT and other prestigious institutes. On the same lines, "CCL ke Lal Scholarship Scheme" was started under the guidance of CCL’s CMD Shri Gopal Singh in the year 2012, with about 100% success rate; students have been able to secure admission in prestigious academic institutions of the country. From this year, in total 7 centres, 350 students will be benefitted under the scheme. In addition to it, best 11 boys and 11 girls will be selected and brought to the Ranchi centre in 12th. CCL will bear the cost of studies, living, coaching etc. of these children

On the same pattern, the "CCL Ki Ladli" scheme has been started from the year 2016-17, under which 11 meritorious students have been selected and they are also provided free education and other facilities like CCL's Lal.

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