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ई-निविदा ओपेन (मैनुअल) टर्न की टेंडर लिमिटेड टेंडर इनक़्वायरी एक्सप्रेशन ऑफ़ इंटरेस्ट रिक्वेस्ट फॉर प्रपोजल रिक्वेस्ट फॉर क्वॉलिफ़िकेशन कोटेशन नोटिस शॉर्ट टेंडर

निविदा विवरण क्षेत्र इकाई अपलोड की गयी
Repairing of vehicle No.JH-01D-9246 Maruti Ambulance Van under Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area. PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 11-08-2020
Maintenance / Tensioning of loose conductor of 11KV OHTL from 10 MVA to Pilot mine substation along PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 11-08-2020
Providing and fixing of Digitizer ( 3 nos. Make- Orion, OEW Ultima+ for WB-RCM2, WB-7 & WB-5 and 8 n PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 11-08-2020
Construction of one no. of room with bathroom at PO Office, Tapin South OCP of Hazaribagh Area. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 11-08-2020
Local purchase of 2 Nos first Aid cabinet required to be kept at SDOCM (W/shop & sub-station) in r/o DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 11-08-2020
Complete repairing full overhauling maintenance with spares of two nos of Kirlosker make split casin DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 11-08-2020
Fencing of OC workings on surface by using M S Angle and barbed wire BOKARO & KARGALI Karo OC 11-08-2020
Hiring of 03 Nos Light Motor Commercial vehicle to be engaged under BnK Area BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 11-08-2020
HT OHTL works in KDH Mines NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 11-08-2020
Repairing works of Crusher Gear Box NORTH KARANPURA Dakra OC 11-08-2020
Providing 3 Nos. of stairs at Rajrappa Stadium under Rajrappa Area RAJRAPPA GM Unit 10-08-2020
Repair & Maintenance of security office including roof treatment under Rajrappa Washery Project RAJRAPPA GM Unit 10-08-2020
Dismantling of Sub-station at Sec.III under Rajrappa Project RAJRAPPA GM Unit 10-08-2020
Selection for appointment of tax Auditor for CCL CORPORATE Corporate HQ 10-08-2020
Supply and installation of wifi router through optical fibre forproviding internet facility for Biom KUJU Karma OC 10-08-2020
Providing Internet connection through Airtel at road bridges of Tetariakhar OCP under Rajhara Area. RAJHARA 10-08-2020
Repairing of A.C of Dumper D60014 of kargali OCP BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali OC 10-08-2020
Rewinding/repairing of 3 MVA Power Transformer ARGADA 10-08-2020
Making Motorable C.T. Road from Shivpur leasehold boundary check post to Shivpur siding under Amrapa MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Making of temporary GSB road from check post no-06 to Avantika under Magadh OCP of M-A Area, CCL MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Repair & Maintenance of Qtr. No. CH-2B-2 new alloted to Sri Kaushlendra Kumar at Sur-Vihar Colony un MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Part repairing of 200 KVA, 3.3 KV/440 V make –sl no – missing laying idle at E&M department under ka BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali OC 10-08-2020
Repairing of old GOAB switch and Supply with intallation of three number gang operating switch at DD BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 10-08-2020
Providing network connection (including internal wiring) from GM office through optical fiber cable DHORI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Extension and dismantling of LT line RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 10-08-2020
Development Works like moorum road, drain, guard wall and profile sheeting portico in the compound o MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Repair & Maintenance of Qtr. No. CH-2B-1 new alloted to Sri Chandan Chatraj at Sur-Vihar Colony unde MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Construction of 03 sheds for qtr 3A/10 and 01 shed for qtr 3A/ 15 at JNC CORPORATE Corporate HQ 10-08-2020
Provision of one room at entry of Excavation workshop Entrance for CISF check post at Kalyani under DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 10-08-2020
Repairing of drain in Dhori staff Qtr. in Back side of (DS) MQ Block no. 4 and 5 under AADOCM Dhori DHORI Amlo OC 10-08-2020
App on the top of Roof of Kaushal Vikash Kendra at CCD of Dhori Area. DHORI GM Unit 10-08-2020
Repairing of 1 No. Kay International Make Jig Blower (Unit No. 516/2) of Rajrappa Washery RAJRAPPA GM Unit 09-08-2020
Replacement of liners of 3 Nos. overhead tanks and coarse coal jig surge hopper at Main Washing Plan RAJRAPPA GM Unit 09-08-2020
Replacement of two way discharge chutes of 801 and 901 belts and discharge chutes of 1201 and 1301 b RAJRAPPA GM Unit 09-08-2020
Dismantling, fabrication , erection and alignment of gallery and structures of 401A and 401B belts a RAJRAPPA GM Unit 09-08-2020
Repairing of distorted LHS idler plate housing and worn out both side sprocket teeth of Tata Hitachi HAZARIBAGH Jharkhand OC 09-08-2020
Repairing of 02 nos. of 3.3KV VCB starter make Prot India and Sail and 02 nos. of 3.3KV field switch DHORI GM Unit 09-08-2020
Maintenance of three ranged 11KV OH line from kalyani sub-station to Turiyo colony, Kalyani river si DHORI GM Unit 09-08-2020
For the procurement of bushing connector & gange connector for day to day maintenance work of both 3 BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 09-08-2020
Re-wiring of DAV public School Junior section, verandah, and Senior section room under CCD, Dhori Ar DHORI GM Unit 09-08-2020
For the procurement of motor protection relay and push botton for starter of submersible motor & pum BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 09-08-2020
Day to day repair maintenance of pipe, dismantling, shifting ,installation and commissioning of 90kW DHORI GM Unit 09-08-2020
Replacement and fitting of mounting set and yoke of DHORI Amlo OC 09-08-2020
Repairing of damaged wind screen at Saunda-B Siding under Urimari Project BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 08-08-2020
The job of fixing liner plate, support strengthening & clamping fastening of decayed & damaged rejec HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 08-08-2020
Denting repairing & fitting of operator cabin front safety glass of W/T at KTC OCP. KATHARA Kathara OC 08-08-2020
Construction of Rain Water Harvesting at New Kuju Siding under Topa Colliery of Kuju Area. KUJU Topa OC 08-08-2020
Repair Maint. of PCC Drain near Block no. 4 and 5 at sharda Colony C.C.Divn. DHORI GM Unit 08-08-2020
Erection of LT OH line at Sainik Contractual Transportation Road just above the approach road of Pum PIPARWAR 00 08-08-2020
Repairing of transmission cooler and damage engine guard of SD32W Dozer Sl. No-T-3288 of JRD OCP. KATHARA Jarangdih OC 08-08-2020
Extension and dismantling of HT OH line RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 08-08-2020
Dismantling and re-erecting west side damaged boundary wall with concertina coil fencing and replaci KUJU Topa OC 08-08-2020
Vulcanizing of trailing cable joint for power supply in Shovels of Rohini OCP, NK Area NORTH KARANPURA Rohini OC 08-08-2020
Supply of greasing system sps. for CAT 6018 ACFS shovel of NK Area NORTH KARANPURA R.S DAKRA 08-08-2020
Procurement of Spares for Air Conditioning of BH60M Dumpers and Dozer D355 for Urimari Project of Ba BARKA SAYAL R.S SAUNDA 08-08-2020
Partial repairing of 100 KVA, 3.3 KV Transformer ARGADA Sirka OC 08-08-2020
Replacement of damaged Cradle Guard of 3.3KV/440V OH Power Line of NTS Colony, CRS Barkakana CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 08-08-2020
Laying and fixing of 2” dia pipe with all accessories for installing 150 GPM pump near Sub-station u NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 08-08-2020
Plantation work in OB dumps in colony and seed ball plantation under Rajrappa Opencast Project RAJRAPPA GM Unit 08-08-2020
Grassing on O.B. dump near view point at Urimari OCP under Urimari Project (Area 12 Hectare) BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 08-08-2020
Plantation work in OB dumps in colony and seed ball plantation under Rajrappa Opencast Project RAJRAPPA GM Unit 07-08-2020
Repairing, changing and overhauling of gate of Unit No. 918 bunker of 9mtr level in RLB Section of K KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 07-08-2020
Repairing of both side(LHS&RHS) hoist cylinder of ACE Crane BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 07-08-2020
Repairing of differential planetary system & companion flange UJ cross for water sprinkler BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 07-08-2020
Repairing of C frame Assembly of BD355 Dozer Sl. No. D16 of Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 07-08-2020
Repair and maintenance of Community Centre at Jarjara under GM Unit Barka-Sayal Area. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 07-08-2020
Maintenance and repairing of secondary control panel 315kVA, 11kV/440V distribution transformer L&T HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-08-2020
Repairing and Reconditioning of one no. Reyroll burn make 11 KV/400Amp. OCB Switch working as primar KUJU Sarubera OC 07-08-2020
Repairing of 11KV, 1250Amp. Meditron make VCB installed at Murpa Substation under GM Unit Kuju Area KUJU GM Unit 07-08-2020
Fabrication and Erection of separator underflow tray of unit no. 333 and 334 in Sec-I of Hy. Cy. S KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 07-08-2020
Maintenance and Erection of Energy Meter at different feeders of 11 KV grade of Murpa substation und KUJU GM Unit 07-08-2020
Replacement of lightning arrestor suitable for 33KV line at Murpa Substation under GM unit Kuju Area KUJU GM Unit 07-08-2020
Maintenance and Reconditioning of 400Amp. 11 KV GEC make OCB having sl. no. 9104 of Sarubera Project KUJU Sarubera OC 07-08-2020
Dismantle erecting and commissioning of 2 nos lighting tower of Pundi Project under Kuju Area KUJU Pundi OC 07-08-2020
Fitment of new safety glasses in Operator cabin of Shovel & Drill RAJRAPPA Rajrappa OC 07-08-2020
Cleaning of drain garbage and transportation of cleaned materials of Regional store Area at Central DHORI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Heightening of shed of store & battery room at Tarmi Excavation workshop under Tarmi OCP. DHORI SDQ-3 (Tarmi) OC 07-08-2020
Bush cutting and drain cleaning along colony premises at Jharkhand colony and Shimla colony under CC DHORI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Cutting of garland drain along the haul road from coal face area to Karipani main sump under SDOCM P DHORI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Extension of Internet lease line (ILL) over wireless Radio link from Control Room at Kundi camp MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Providing of earthpit and control switches for installation of 30KVA DG set near MTK MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Providing and fixing of making and breaking arrangement for taking power from 500 KVA transformer MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Repair of damaged pipe line for improvement of water supply for D-Type and B type Qtrs external port DHORI GM Unit 07-08-2020
Operator cabin side glass -04 nos. fitting of BH60M dumper 60056 & 60386 of GVP Ph-II KATHARA Sawang OC 06-08-2020
Annual contract for attending emergency work in sanitation works in residential building under Sawan KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 06-08-2020
Complete repairing, full overhauling, rectification with spares of Three Nos of 400 GPM, 65mtr head DHORI GM Unit 06-08-2020
AMC for cleaning of drains ,house wastes ,debris, refuses etc at Asnapani Colony under GM Unit Katha KATHARA GM Unit 06-08-2020
Repair/maintenance of 220V OH line & campus street light of CISF colony at Sharda colony under CCD, DHORI GM Unit 06-08-2020
Replacement and fixing of damaged wire, A.C. boxes, power sockets, switches and other electrical DHORI GM Unit 06-08-2020
Procurement of Load Cell for maintenance of different road weighbridge installed at H.Bag Area HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 06-08-2020
Providing and fixing of Garden Light and walk-way light at infront of Ashok Vihar, Bachra under GM U PIPARWAR GM Unit 06-08-2020
Relocation of lighting line in Bijan village by erection of 7 span 230 volt OH lighting line and dis PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 06-08-2020
Repairing of radiator guard, box & railing & front jali of dumper no.10346 of Bhurkunda project BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 06-08-2020
Repairing of satellite shaft (RHS) of CK300 shovel sl no.Exc-2898 of Bhurkunda project BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 06-08-2020
Repairing of LHS & RHS master link & modulator bracket CK300 shovel sl no. 2937 of Bhurkunda project BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 06-08-2020
Hiring of Ambulance Tata Winger or Similar CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 06-08-2020
Providing & Dismantling of fencing wall by CGI sheet near Shed-A of R.R. Shop, Jarangdih under Jaran KATHARA Jarangdih OC 06-08-2020
Repairing of chain sprocket & chain joint making of Elecon make Feeder breaker under KDH OCP, NK Are NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 06-08-2020

संग्रह ... और देखें...

   कंपनी    व्यवसाय    जानकारी डेस्क    ऑनलाइन सेवा    संपर्क
   इतिहास    प्रदर्शन हाइलाइट्स    नियम और नियमावली    शिकायत डेस्क    महत्वपूर्ण फोन / ई - मेल
   कंपनी प्रोफाइल    व्यवसाय के साधन    नोटिस    ऑनलाइन भर्ती    कार्यात्मक पदों की ई-मेल
   एफडी प्रोफ़ाइल    बिल भुगतान की जानकारी    फार्म और प्रारूप    पंजीकृत कार्यालय
   ऑपरेशन के क्षेत्र    ईएमडी / एसडी की स्थिति    परिपत्र / दस्तावेज़    ऑनलाइन प्राईड प्रपत्र
   प्रबंध    एचईएमएम स्थिति    शक्तियों का प्रत्यायोजन    वार्षिक संपत्ति रिटर्न
   सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम    मूल्य निर्धारण    निविदाएं     
   मान्यता    दर अनुबंध    महत्वपूर्ण लिंक     
   मेगा प्रोजेक्ट्स    आपूर्ति आदेश    शिकयतों का सुधार     
संरचना एवं विकास : प्रणाली विभाग, सी. सी. एल. एवं कंप्यूटर एड, रांची